Casual Coffee Date

Hiiiii! It has been FOREVER since I have written a blog post and I am so sorry!! I have been all over the place, including my 11 day drip to Arizona in which I will posting all about soon in a full recap! Today’s post is just a simple casual coffee date look, BUT, it is one of my first little “shoots” with my new camera.  YES, it’s true, I finally own a professional camera and I couldn’t be more excited! I have so much learning to do, so bare with me as I take on this new journey. I have found myself taking so many walks to different parks and scenic areas just so I can mess with the different settings and get some cool shots. I definitely have a new hobby, I can see why photographers are so in love with what they do! I also want to add that I have had a few people behind the camera who are beginners, just like myself, so we are all experimenting and learning as we go. I will still be working with local photographers regularly  because they are oh so talented and I seriously have a blast during our shoots. I actually have a couple collaboration shoots coming up with miss Kate Smith and can’t wait to share those with you all in the next couple of weeks!

I would love to get some Camera tips from my Armoire followers! Luckily, one of my close girlfriends has the same one and is going to fill me in but I love to learn and knowledge is the key to success so let me hear ’em! My camera is a Sony a6000, are any of you familiar with it??

Today’s casual coffee look was super comfortable but also stylish, I call this a “Sporty Chic” outfit. I like to add edge to my looks as most of you have probably noticed and one of my favorite ways to do that is with leather. I have a few leather jackets and the one I wore today from Express is definitely my go-to. I paired a basic pair of black leggings with an over sized light sweater top and layered with my black leather jacket. I have been on a Nike kick lately and chose my grey air max theas for this look. I love these Nikes because they pair well with jeans and other types of clothing rather than just the workout type. I topped off my outfit with an Express small fringe crossbody that I snagged for FIVE DOLLARS from Discount Fashion Warehouse.  This would also be a great travel look or perfect for Saturday morning errands. Want to add a little more sporty vibe to this look? I suggest throwing on a ball cap of your choice!

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