Dressing for Fall & Favorite Fall Things

ohhhh Fall, I love you. I had a friend call me Fall Hall – AKA I live for all things fall. Jessica Fall Hall. Has a nice ring to it, right?! lol! Ok, I’m done being silly. It’s definitely my favorite season though! I can’t lie, I miss the cooler temps, and pretty leaves Ohio has to offer during this time of the year. One of the struggles here in Arizona, is dressing for our fall. SOOO, I’m here to tell you how to dress for fall in AZ! I’m also sharing a few of my personal favorite things about fall!

It really doesn’t cool down here until November/December. We’ve had some “cooler” days, but typically I just find myself forcing sweaters, haha! The best way to manage the random heat waves is to keep your legs out, and wear long sleeves on top! I’m not a big skirt girl, but I do LOVE leather! I’ve recently added a few faux leather skirts to my wardrobe, I’m obsessed! I wish I would’ve kept all my college skirts, I had tons. Anyone else?! I paired this cognac skirt ($20) with a lightweight balloon sleeve sweater ($18 sadly sold out in black, but grey is avail) and sock booties. I love this whole outfit, it’s probably one of my favs! The whole outfit (bag not included) is under $100! How amazing is that?! You can shop this whole outfit by clicking the pics at the bottom of this post. Since the sweater is about sold out, I linked almost identical black ones for you guys!

6 Of My Fav Things About Fall

  1. FALL FASHION –  I love cozy, and edgy pieces + boots! Random fact: I HATE sandals. I also love being able to layer my clothes! I feel like my style really comes alive in the fall!
  2. Fall leaves & crisp air! – The fall leaves in Ohio can be so gorgeous! I’m excited to (hopefully) see them when we go home this weekend! I love the fresh crisp air too, I find it to be so refreshing!
  3. I love to open up the windows, light candles, drink something warm, and snuggle up under blankets! Gimme all the cozy things 🙂
  4. Fall Activities! Pumpkin patch, apple picking, halloween (I don’t dress up anymore, but I love the decor and handing out candy!)
  5. Crockpot meals! DUH. Everyone knows I love food! One of my fav things to make is chili.
  6. All the flavors! I’m obsessing over the Trader Joe’s autumn flavors right now. Also, of course love me a PSL, and Pumpkin Chai! Pro tip: If you order Pumpkin Chai, ask for half the amount of pumpkin syrup. It can get really sweet otherwise. YUMMM!



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