How I Manage My Mane

Hi babes! I thought it was time I put a post together all about my hair. That sounds so conceited (face palm). It’s not meant to be AT ALL!  To be honest, my most frequently asked questions are in regards to my mane – not even fashion! Lol! I’m going to give you a quick low-down of how I manage my mane, and the products I use. I really don’t have any special tricks, but I do know how to keep my hair healthy! Hope you enjoy!

  1.  DISCLAIMER: I’ve ALWAYS had thick hair. I’m very blessed. My hair has always been pretty long too, and I’ve NEVER had extensions. One time I chopped it off because the ends were stringy and fried after some crazy hair color choices. It grew back SO nicely.
  2. I get my hair trimmed every 4-6 weeks. I swear by this. I do not take any hair supplements, but I do recommend them, as I’ve heard good things!
  3. I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week, MAX.  Unless of course there’s events or special occasions! The other days I use dry shampoo, or I wear a hat. (yes, this is why I’m always in hats, haha)
  4. I only use hot tools (blow dryer, straightener, etc.) on the days I wash my hair. The other days I usually let it do it’s thing. Sometimes I quickly touch up a few strands, but never full head.
  5. Let’s talk products. I definitely invest in good shampoo & conditioner. I always make sure they are paraben & sulfate free/color safe! My favorites are Davines. I will post shoppable pics below.
  6. I ALWAYS use a heat protectant spray on my hair before using any type of hot tool. This is SO important! It’s so easy to fry your hair and this product should be your best friend.
  7. I use an oil in my hair. I definitely suggest this. There are many benefits such as, stimulate hair growth, hydrate, repair, etc. Organic coconut oil works just fine!
  8. I never sleep with hair ties in my hair and I try to limit how often I wear my hair tightly up. Both of these things cause hair breakage,
  9. I use an ionic blow dryer (except when my good one broke, and I had to use Bruti’s mini dryer for a while, LOL) I definitely suggest investing in a good blow dryer. I’ve always been told this from my hair stylist!
  10. I use a ceramic hair straightener. Same thing here- invest in something professional. If you have fine hair- I’d suggest a straightener with a heat control dial, that way it’s not burning your hair right off!

I get my hair colored and cut at TouchUps Salon In Chandler, AZ. I go to Anthony, he is the BEST! If you go in and mention my name you’ll get 50% off your first time in! Visit their website HERE 

I am not a hair stylist, I have no background in hair either. This is just MY routine, and the things I’ve found that work best for me and my hair type! 🙂

DRY SHAMPOO TIP: Apply at night and sleep with it in! It makes ALL the difference!

Have any questions? I’d love to hear from you!




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