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Hi, friends! If you follow me on IG, you know that fitness has become a HUGE part of my lifestyle. Starting back in Late January, I developed a workout routine that I’ve been following, pretty consistently. Along with that, comes workout clothes. I’m excited to share my new Natori sports bras with you all! They have the perfect fit for all sizes, and any activity – low or high impact!

As I mentioned, at the beginning of 2019 I told myself I would get back into a fitness routine – Whether it be in the my apt gym, a local studio, or running outside. My wedding is 11/14/20, and my goal is to be in the best shape of my life! *HOT BRIDE STATUS*  I joined ‘The Studio Phoenix’ (formerly ‘The Dailey Method’), and go there 5-7 times a week. I am OBSESSED with barre, cycle, and also love practicing yoga. They offer all 3, and more! Working out has changed my life physically, and mentally. My best days come after I have a sweat session!

When I go to workout, I always feel 10x better in a cute outfit (duh hehe), and in a bra that supports me. I have a few different ones that I rotate through, depending on the workout.  I’ve had trouble finding the right size and support for me.. BUT! I recently added two Natori bras to the mix, and have been loving them! My favorite thing about Natori, is that they offer a selection of different bras, each suited for various chest sizes, and the type of impact workout you may be doing.

For me, I know I have a bigger chest, and need full sport when doing high impact activities – such as cycle class. I chose the ‘Yogi Convertible Bra’ for this occasion because there’s an underwire, and light foam cups. I went with my normal bra size, and it fits like a gem! Having a bra that supports me, comfortably, makes all the difference! There are a few hooks, so its adjustable around back, and the straps can be criss-crossed! Bonus: the colors are all GORGEOUS.

Another favorite of mine, is the Limitless Convertible Sport Bralette’ – think yoga class or lounging. I wear this style for my low impact classes, seriously SO comfy! I’ll even throw a tee, or a jacket over afterward- to run errands. This style offer sizes S-XL, and I definitely suggest reading a sizing guide before ordering. There’s no padding of any sort, it’s breathable, lightly ribbed, and SO SOFT. It’s definitely best suited for smaller chest babes, but can totally work for us bigger chested, too. I have a small on, but would size up to a medium next time for full front coverage. I also love the neutral color options for this one! A neutral lovers dream, haha!

Natori Limitless Sport Bralette

I love Natori because you can wear them on the go, or for an outside run/workout- whatever it may be. They’re super versatile. I find myself throwing one on for outdoor activities, when heading to the gym, or even when I’m lounging! I only mentioned two of the bra styles, but there are a few others that are also amazing, and worth checking out.

Happy to answer ANY questions you babes may have! You can shop the bras, by clicking HERE!

Natori Yogi Convertible Bra




Thank you to Natori for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

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