Our Stay at Le Meridien Columbus

Before I even start this post about our stay at Le Meridien, I want to say that my thoughts and prayers are with all of those who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. This is such a devastating time right now, along with the many other tragedies happening around the world. Also thinking of those who were taken on 9/11, we will never forget. <3

On a lighter note, I’m excited to share about our experience at the gorgeous Le Meridien, The Joseph, located in the Short North Arts District in Columbus,OH! Before we went back to Arizona I thought it would be fun to have a date night and spend some alone time together, all 3 of us! Bruti’s always welcome on our dates. This hotel is pet friendly and this was our first time all staying in a hotel together, hehe. From those who don’t know- Justin was in Columbus for work for 2 months. I visited the first month for two weeks, went back to AZ, THEN back to Columbus for the second full month (August). Just wanted to catch you all up to speed.

We checked into Le Meridien on a Sunday afternoon around 4pm. The valet was very friendly, as well as the front desk concierge. They were so sweet to Bruti and I know he loved the attention! The ladies even gave us some waste bags for when we took Bruti out in the city to go potty which was fantastic because of course, I forgot to pack some. Our reservation was for one of their traditional  rooms which included a King Bed with a mix of contemporary, modern design. Very nice room! The room offered a nice flat screen TV, little corner window chair, bathroom with a huge shower and a little bar area by the door. We hung out in the room for a bit before heading down to the Bar/Restaurant called Soul, located in the lobby area. We decided to leave Bruti upstairs, as we weren’t really sure if he should come down with us.

Soul was super quiet, but we were told it would be.  Didn’t bother us one bit, we loved the peacefulness.  The bar was really classy, I love the lighted sign, there’s a picture a little ways down! We chatted with the bartender as we sipped some drinks and took a look around the lobby area. I totally fell in love with all of their decor and furniture! The upstairs has an art gallery which is really neat and big windows that overlook high street. We ordered the Margarita Flatbread as our appetizer and for meals, I ordered the Original Bob Chop and Justin went for the Pan Seared Flat Iron Steak. The food was yummy! I was still a little hungry because I think I over eat…Okay I do. Justin’s was so flavorful and the presentation was pretty! You can take a look at their menu HERE! The food on that menu can also be ordered by room service, don’t worry- we did that later on.

Make sure you scroll to the end of the post to see their gorgeous lobby space! *INSERT HEART EYES*

After we finished eating I decided I wanted Bruti to come down and hang, so Justin went up and grabbed our little fluff ball! We should’ve brought him down initially but hey, we didn’t know. He sat on my lap while I had another glass of wine and he was an ANGEL. He’s always good, but I was just so proud to call him mine. The bar started to get a little more busy into the evening, we even saw another pup that was staying at the hotel. After we closed our tab, we walked Bruti over to the park which was just a block away. Goodale park is really pretty, I suggest visiting if you’re ever in Columbus. Le Meridien is just in the best spot, so close to the hot spots. We then decided we weren’t ready for bed quite yet and took Bruti over to Bar 23 which is a pet friendly bar on High Street, just a few mins from the hotel. We saw some people we knew and hung out there for a while before heading back to our room. It was so fun!


Okay so here’s the part where you learn more about who we are. OF COURSE, both hungry again! We decided to order room service off the late night menu. Justin ordered the T.H.B sandwich, I just said I would share with him because what I really wanted was DESSERT. Unfortunately, they were out of the dessert I wanted which was a huge bummer but, it happens. Good thing for Uber Eats, lol! I found a nearby spot and ordered two slices of cheesecake. We ate in bed (classy, I know but that’s what room service is for) and honestly just had such a great time! Definitely reminded us of our apartment life (which i’m writing this from now). We had been staying at Justin’s parents that whole month and didn’t have the same space and privacy we’ve been used to. Don’t get me wrong- we absolutely love his parents but love our little apartment life! We slept so good, the room was quiet and we were even able to sleep in a little. In the morning I lounged in the thick, comfortable robe that was in our room and sipped on some complimentary coffee. The front desk and valet were again so pleasant to us on our way out. I actually left my camera charger at the hotel and had to come back a few hours later to grab it and the valet guy came up to me and was giving me so many compliments about Bruti. MADE MY DAY.

We truly enjoyed our stay and will definitely be back! The only change I would make to our next stay would be to get a room with a downtown view, and a bathroom with a bathtub.  Thank you so much for accommodating us, Le Meridien Columbus, and giving us a slice of vacation before we left our home state of Ohio! You can visit them on Instagram by clicking HERE! Have any questions about our stay? Drop me a comment!

Our stay at Le Meridien, The Joseph was sponsored. Our drinks + food were also sponsored at Soul. All reviews and opinions are my own. We can't thank them enough for taking such good care of us!

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