The Girls Go to Sedona | Kimpton Amara Resort & Spa

The Girls Go To Sedona | Kimpton Amara Resort & Spa

If you haven’t been to Sedona, Arizona, add it to your list! I grew up going to Sedona on family vacations, and fell in love with its beauty at a young age. It’s seriously one of my favorite places! So beautiful and relaxing (even if it’s very touristy). The girls (Makenna & Melissa) and I took a little weekend trip up there to escape the heat and stay at the Kimpton Amara Resort & Spa. We had a great time and even witnessed a wedding on the property during our stay, how magical! Reviewing our full stay below!


Our Arrival to Amara


After our easy 2 hour drive up to Sedona (okay we added an extra 20 mins on because we missed our exit.. too deep in convo lol!) We checked in around 11:30 AM to Kimpton Amara Resort & Spa.  The resort is right off one of the main strips, and has a hidden little drive. The valet was very friendly upon our arrival, and helped us get our luggage out to be taken up to our room. Unfortunately, we learned our room was not ready for us (we had wanted early check-in) so we decided to have lunch.

We went to their on-site restaurant (Salt Rock Kitchen) to kick off our little weekend trip with some champagne and lunch! The food was really good and the service was amazing! Great first impression with Salt Rock, we were really excited for dinner after that first experience!

When we finished lunch, we went back to the front desk to get an update on our room. Our room still wasn’t ready for us, and we were a little caught off guard by this. We thought for sure it would’ve been ready after lunch. To be honest, anytime I do a staycation or partnership with a hotel, I always get there early. Of course we went there for a little getaway and relaxation, but along with that comes work (fun work, that I’m passionate about!)- and we needed the time. Anyways, about 3 hours went by and we finally were told one of our rooms was ready. We were SO relieved to finally get settled and unpack. Well.. our luggage didn’t make it up to our room for probably 45 minutes. We called down 3 different times to be told it would be coming, but we ended up walking down there to grab it ourselves. When we got to the lobby the bellman was actually about to head up.. whew!

I feel like it only makes sense to give you all the good and bad, so that’s that. Little downfall at the beginning of our stay, but after we got our luggage in our room, the concierge showed up at our door with champagne and a gorgeous fruit tray! This gesture was thoughtful, generous, and greatly appreciated! Thank you Amara staff!


Our Rooms

Melissa + Makenna bunked together in a room, and I was down the hall in another. The rooms were basically the same, but I had a pretty bad a** patio on mine and a HUGE walk-in closet! My room was pretty spacious, the bathroom was upgraded too. The decor in the room was colorful and tasteful, and beds were comfy! If you stay at the Amara, request a room with a patio on the back end closest to the mountains! The views outside my door were gorgeous! I got up really early in the morning just to sit out there in silence, and take it all in.


Salt Rock Kitchen is connected to the lobby area and has a spacious indoor seating area, full bar, and back patio overlooking the mountains. As I mentioned earlier, we had lunch there when we arrived. We also had dinner there that was kindly hosted by Amara! Thank you for that! We were seated right away (we had reservations). The waiter suggested some drinks to us, so we chose a few of those for our first round. Slightly on the sweeter side for us, but they were pretty! lol! Honestly, if you like sweet drinks they were really flavorful! We started off with the charcuterie board and it was DELICIOUS!

All 3 of us ordered steaks. Raise your hand if you’re a girl who can EAT! I ordered the filet (fav steak) and the girls each got the ribeye- which was recommended by our waiter. We also switched to Pinot Noir, which he also suggested. Great choice! My meal was mouth watering, no complaints at all! The ribeyes were literally huge, definitely something that could’ve been shared. The girls loved it!

I personally at the age of 28.. love sweets. I say this because I used to not be a sweets girl AT ALL. But hey, here we are. When it was time to order dessert- Makenna and I ordered the chocolate cake to share back in the room. It was good, definitely a unique twist on it!

The morning before we left, we had room service breakfast in my room! The meals were ready _ brought up SO quick, which was awesome! We loved our meals, lattes included!



We didn’t make it to the pool to swim, but the girls got some pictures by it, and I had a perfect view of it from my balcony! The pool backs up to the mountains, its a stunning view! We also didn’t make it to the spa, but I’d love to go next time! Click HERE to checkout the spa offerings!




We had an amazing stay! Our front desk/check-in experience definitely could’ve been better- but everyone has off days and they were hosting a wedding that day and such. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on it! The property is really pretty. Smaller, and more intimidate that I pictured- so perfect for a little retreat in the mountains. The food IS AMAZING! Food + views, definitely my favorite part!! If you’re heading to Sedona, definitely worth checking out!

Linked some of my fav outfit pieces from my trip down below! xx



Our stay was hosted by Kimpton Amara Resort & Spa. Our rooms were comped, as well as our dinner. We paid for our lunch, drinks, and breakfast. Thank you SO much for having us! We had a great time and appreciate the hospitality! xo

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