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Hi Friends!

As a lot of you know, I’m currently in the wedding planning process! It’s been a lot of fun (+ stressful) so far, and we’ve nailed down most of the bigger things on the to-do list! After being engaged, my TOP priority was the venue. The best thing, is there are SO many helpful resources nowadays to make choosing a little easier! Today, I want to introduce you all to ClubLife Weddings!

First, a little backstory on Me and Justin. We’ve been together for roughly 8 years now! So wild. We met in Columbus, OH (Justins from there & I went to college there) at a campus bar. Ok, well we didn’t actual MEET. We stared at each other from a short distance for what seemed like hours, but no one said a word. Before I left the bar with my girlfriends, I told myself I would say something, but I couldn’t spot him anymore. I went over to his buddy to ask about Justin, and he said he’d put in a good word. Later that night I creeped Facebook SOOO hard, found him on there, and sent a message. Rest is history. We moved out to Arizona 4 years ago for Justin’s job in the golf industry. We absolutely LOVE it out here, and plan to be here longterm! We got engaged 12.30.18 and will be getting married on 11.14.20! YAY!

Fast forward to now, and wedding planning! Whether you’re currently engaged or waiting on a proposal- It’s smart to look into resources early on. ClubLife Weddings in an amazing place to search for venues! They offer 200+ wedding venues nationwide – country clubs, city clubs and alumni clubs. Their unique venues have golf course views and city club views.  All amazing, private club settings, that are perfect for snapping insta-worthy pictures. *Very important to know that you DO NOT have to be a member at the clubs to host your wedding event/wedding even there!* Like I said, we chose our venue pretty quickly, but I was so happy to learn about ClubLife and had to share with you all!! So helpful!

One of the coolest thing about this website, is the Wedding Calculator. This function allows you to choose a desired venue, enter in details, and get an estimate on what the cost would be for your future wedding! I’ve never come across anything like this. I highly suggest checking it out, and seeing what you can come up with. It’s very eye opening, and will help you put your budget together. (Another thing to get out of the way, early on).

ClubLife also allows you to host other wedding related events at their locations such as-ceremony, reception, engagement party, bridal shower, and groom’s golf outing! I personally have yet to figure out Bridal Shower details, so I’ve been telling my girlfriends about this, and we actually found a location in Columbus, Ohio to look into! Each location offers handcrafted food and drink options, as well as first-class service. I also KNOW that the golf outing aspect appeals to Justin, he’s golf OBSESSED. I could see him utilizing one of the ClubLife locations for his bachelor party, or the day before golf with all his buddies!

If you’re interested in checking out what ClubLife Weddings has to offer, you can check out their website here! The wedding calculator is such a tremendous help! You can also check out their Instagram account here, for all the wedding inspiration!

Below are two photos, from two of their locations!

(Gainey Ranch Location In Scottsdale)

(City Club Los Angeles)

I can’t wait to marry you, Justin!

Engagement Photos by: Photo 243





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