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Happy Thursday! Raise your hand if you’re ready for the weekend!! Mines raised, It’s been a long week over here! Today I am talking about my trendy 2016 daily planner and notebook from Bloom Daily Planners! This post is WAY overdue and I apologize. I am working on getting my blog post more organized and planned out so bear with me and I promise I won’t disappoint. That reminds me..I think I’m definitely needing a blog planning pad ASAP!

Bloom Daily Planners is a small business owned by two young ladies, Michelle and Kaylyn. I came across their social media pages when I was on the hunt for a planner for 2016. I was instantly drawn to their gold and white stripped planner because I am obsessed with all gold everything so of course, I decided that was the one.  I received my Bloom goodies in the mail shortly after and I am so glad I chose them! My planner is the perfect size and has plenty of note space inside and spacious weekly views (much needed for someone who thinks out loud and has huge bubbly handwriting such as myself).  I was also super excited about the “Goals for this year” page and some other fun features. That’s what makes Bloom Daily Planners so special, they go the extra mile and it truly shows in their products!  Best of all, they have very reasonable pricing for their great products! My bloom planner travels everywhere with me and has helped keep my daily life organized. I also now have a navy and white notebook that I love! I own plenty of notebooks, but loved the fact that this one matched my business and blog colors. My planner and notebook make up the color of Armoire Consulting/Armoire Answers, how cool is that?!

The bloom ladies were also sweet enough to send me an extra planner (same style as the notebook) that I ended up giving to my mother. She is also a “planner” type of person and needs to get her thoughts on paper. She loves her bloom planner, and also takes it everywhere with her. Like mother like daughter!

Before I wrap this up and snuggle Bruti (who JUST got back from the groomers and is looking SO stinkin’ cute) I wanted to note that all of these opinions are my own. I was not paid to say nice things about Bloom Daily Planners and I wasn’t in any way told what to say. I love my planner and to be honest, I reached out to them first! It ain’t easy finding the perfect planner, ya know! (hehe!) If you are in the market for a planner check them out! They also offer other products such as planning pads, address books and more! They are very kind and were a pleasure to do collaborative work with. Seriously, visit their website and instagram, it’s never too late to get organized!

“Inspiring you to bloom into the best version of yourself” -Bloom Daily Planners motto





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