Creating Waves With ghd

Creating Waves with ghd

Hi, loves! Today I am SO excited to share with you, my favorite ghd flat iron, and how I create waves in my hair! I’ve been using ghd for years, this is my third flat iron of theirs. I’ve always been so impressed with the quality, and can’t imagine switching to a different brand. Whether I’m wearing my hair straight, or want a little wave- I use my iron. Maybe some of you have never curled your hair without a curling iron before?! It’s SO easy!

I have the 1”ghd gold styler, it’s a little upgrade from my last iron, which was their original. It’s so pretty, the plates have a black/gold shimmer, and the iron has gold accents on it. I mean, if it’s pretty AND works amazing, I’m all over it! Here’s a little bit of info about the iron straight from

Featuring dual-zone technology for a premium performance, ghd gold® has two next generation heat sensors, one across each plate, to control the optimum styling temperature of 365ºF constantly and evenly from root to tip.

The ghd gold® styler also features an improved heat-up time of 25 seconds, sleek design and round barrel delivering versatile, snag-free styling, quickly and easily so you can transform your every day.

I love how fast it heats up, considering i’m always in a rush. lol! There is absolutely no snag, and if I have it on too long, it turns itself off (I’ve found this to be a life saver in a few different instances). This particular styler is $200, and will last you YEARS. I had my last one for 6 years, and it still worked perfectly fine when I switched.

Let’s talk about WAVES! As I mentioned above, I use my iron to create any type of curl in my hair! I do this a few times a week. I’ve become so efficient at it, that it hardly takes any time at all. Another reason why I love ghd, is that they have a little section on their website of hair tutorials that can be created using one of their stylers! There’s all kinds of styles for short, medium, long hair- OR by occasion, wedding, prom, etc! Today I’m sharing with you the “Textured Wave” that I found on their website, and created on myself. This is usually how I do my waves, it’s so easy! The ghd tutorial has a step by step, which is SO helpful.

This hairstyle took maybe 20 minutes, and I have LONG + THICK hair. It’s super easy, and all you really need is a ghd flat iron to create it! I absolutely love my iron, and can’t wait to play around with more of their hairstyles using it! They can all be found HERE! I truly don’t have a bad thing to say about it! If you have ANY questions at all, please ask! Totally worth the investment!


My EXACT iron HERE ($200)


This hair straightener was gifted to me by ghd to review, and create one of their hairstyles with. I have been using ghd for years now, and fully support their brand! I LOVE my styler! This is a sponsored post (I was also paid).

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