Lexus NX 300h

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been back home in Columbus, OH for a few weeks now! This is the second summer Justin, Bruti, and I have come home for a long period of time. Justin comes here to work (and to play golf-duh), and since I work from home, I’m able to come along. We’re both from the Columbus area, so it’s SO nice to visit friends and family! The only downfall of being home, is not having my own vehicle to drive.. womp womp.

I was SO excited that Lexus¬†hooked me up with a vehicle my first week home! I have never driven one before, so this was such an exciting treat! I am total car person, which may sound surprising to some! I drove the 2018 Lexus NX 300h hybrid – an SUV with black leather interior, sunroof, all the bells + whistles you can think of. My favorite thing about this vehicle was how smooth it drove and how quiet it was. It just glides across the road and is so luxurious! I loved driving it around the city. My friends LOVED it, I even was able to take my momma for a ride! The gas mileage was impressive, and the vehicle takes unleaded fuel, which was nice. I mentioned I had never driven a Lexus, but this was also true about a hybrid. Such an amazing feature of the vehicle. One of the most unique things I found was a little pocket mirror right by the center console. I actually had my mom in the car with me one day and she asked if I had a mirror handy in my purse- I said nope, then pulled the little mirror out from beside me and said “I do have this though!” She thought that was SO cool, hehe. I would describe the interior as very classy, and the exterior as sporty. I felt like a total boss girl. I, of course, utilized the XM radio + the bluetooth so I could listen to my jams while cruising around the city in style. I was so sad when I had to return it honestly, I was attached. I love my Jeep Cherokee, but if I were ever to car shop again, this would be on my list!

Overall, I highly recommend the Lexus NX 300h to anyone considering it, or any Lexus honestly. I’m so thankful I was able to drive it around for a week! Made my first week in Columbus THAT much better! Below are pics of the inside + outside of vehicle! Do you drive a Lexus? I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you like it?!


This post is sponsored by Lexus. I was lent a media vehicle for 7 days to drive and review. All opinions are honest, and my own. Thank you SO much Lexus!

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