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This post is pretty personal. I know a lot of people are pretty open about skincare- me too. Skin issues, I’ve always been a little insecure about it. Just keepin’ it real. I started to notice dark spots on my face about a year ago, in patches. I thought they were sun spots-I’ve always baked in the sun, tanning beds in high school and college. So stupid of me, I know! The worst was my upper lip, it seriously looked like I had a stache and it bothered me so so much.

I was connected with Emme Diane (Phoenix based Esthetician, Skin Care Coach and founder of her own skincare line) online and talked to her a bit about my skin, and what I was experiencing. She had me fill out a list of in-depth questions pertaining to my lifestyle and skin type, as well as “before” pictures of my skin. I quickly learned these spots were actually Melasma.  WHAT?!

What is Melasma? 

Melasma is a very common patchy brown, tan, or blue-gray facial skin discoloration, usually seen in women in the reproductive years. It typically appears on the upper cheeks, upper lip, forehead, and chin of women 20-50 years of age. Although possible, it is uncommon in males. Most of those with melasma are women. It is thought to be primarily related to external sun exposure, external hormones like birth control pills, and internal hormonal changes as seen in pregnancy. Most people with melasma have a history of daily or intermittent sun exposure, although heat is also suspected to be an underlying factor. Melasma is most common among pregnant women, especially those of Latin and Asian descents. People with olive or darker skin, like Hispanic, Asian, and Middle Eastern individuals, have higher incidences of melasma.

Prevention is primarily aimed at facial sun protection and sun avoidance. Treatment requires regular sunscreen application, medications such as 4% hydroquinone and other fading creams. Source:

Of course this news made me very very upset, especially learning that it’s something that can’t actually be cured, but managed. At my first appointment with Emme, she took a look at my skin, we went over the questions I filled out and put a plan in action. Emme told me it would be fine and we were going to get my patches faded out til they are hardly visible. WHEW! I learned that I likely have Melasma because of sun exposure without protection (I always thought I was invincible and didn’t need sunscreen) annnnd birth control pills. Ugh. I started on birth control around the age of 19 when I could barely function during my menstrual cycle or keep track of it. I was very irregular, from the beginning.

Emme recommended I start on her Lighten Up Skin Set. As I mentioned above, Emme founded her own skincare line called Emme Diane and has been transforming her clients skin ever since. She’s very knowledgeable, easy to talk to and truly cares about the people who walk through her door. I felt so hopeful after we discussed the next steps and went over the Lighten Up set. Emme jump-started my treatment process by giving me one of her amazing Lighten Up Facials during that first appointment. Below is the full details on their facial! These are great for anyone with hyper-pigmentation, sun spots, etc.

We begin this facial with a thorough cleansing and skin analysis. After determining the skin’s unique needs we begin an exfoliating treatment or a depigmenting peel to accelerate the fading of uneven pigmentation (ideal for melasma or sun damage). If needed, light extractions will be performed before the LED treatment begins. During the light therapy, a panel of am-red LED lights will be placed over the face in three sections for 2 minutes. The light therapy is very relaxing and emits no heat or discomfort. Following the light therapy, we finish the treatment with carefully selected serums, moisturizers and sunscreen to enhance the results and protect the skin.
LED is a progressive rather than an aggressive approach and builds resistance over time to aging and external factors, therefore a series is recommended for best results. Source:
Lighten Up Set:
1. Gentle Cleanser (Every morning & night)
2. Calm Down Toner
3. Antioxidant Serum (Everyday as step 3) Enlightened Serum (Everyday 3 nights to start- Work your way up to every night)
4. Rich Replenish Cream (lotion)
5. Mineral Tinted SPF40
The Dew Drops aren’t actually part of the set, but I use them when my skin is feeling unusually dry and dehydrated. Basically a hug sip of water for your skin! AMAZE!
I started these products right away! I was ready to tackle Melasma and love my skin again. I made a very personal decision to get off of birth control. Please keep any comments to yourselves on this topic. My skin is very important to me and I didn’t want to risk making it worse. Yes I am responsible, I also track my menstrual cycle using an app called Flo. I find this app to be so helpful, I log my cycle and symptoms every month.
Below are my BEFORE pictures, before I started ANYTHING. Obviously no makeup, clean face and NO filter of any sort.
Next set of pictures is after 1 month of consistent use of these products. Same thing- no editing, filters etc.
Next pictures are after 2.5 months! (In between I saw Emme again for another facial! She’s the best and her office is literally 4 mins from my place!)
3.5 Months
 The last set of pictures are from this morning.. around 4.5 months of using these products. I’ve been pretty consistent-Maybe missed a few nights, but for the most part really stuck to my routine. The patches definitely faded out, and while they’re still there- I’m hoping with a few facial treatments and continued use they will continue to fade out until they’re nearly invisible!
 I will keep you all posted on the rest of my journey. I need to re-stock on some products as i’m running low. I actually am out of my lotion and I can notice a huge difference in my skin without it! Emme’s products are amazing and worth the money. I’ve honestly tried so many different lines and have wasted so much money on them. Her products work, shes very good at what she does and no matter what skin type you have, or skin issues you’re dealing with, she’s your girl! Emme offers online coaching as well, for those of you who don’t live in the Phoenix area. One thing I really love about Emme, is that I can email her with questions and she ALWAYS gets back to me. She’s honest and always has the answers i’m looking for. I genuinely 100% trust my skin in her hands and trust her products. Visit her website HERE and Instagram (she post skin tips that are seriously so helpful) HERE ! Also, please ignore my crazy eyebrows in every picture. I’m working on growing them out and the process is just lovely, lol!
Please comment with ANY questions you guys have! I’d love to help in anyway I can! xx
This post is sponsored by Emme Diane. All of my products were given to me, as well as complimentary facials. I've been posting to instagram and insta-stories about these products for months. My reviews and story are genuine and true.


  1. Cori
    09.22.2017 / 3:02 pm

    Thank you so much for posting this review! I reached out to Emme earlier this week with similar skin issues to yourself – malasma on my upper lip and sun spots due to over exposure without protection throughout my teenage years. Your results are fantastic; she also recommended to me the skin lightening kit and I’m SO excited to give it all a go!

    Thanks again!

    • halljessicalynn
      10.09.2017 / 10:16 pm

      Thank you so much for reading! I’m so glad you reached out to her and are starting on the lightening kit! I wish you all the best and hope you have amazing results!!

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