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Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend! It’s a new week, time to get down to business and be productive. Monday’s can be a struggle but I’m personally feeling good today, and I hope you are too! This weekend was pretty laid back.  Friday night we didn’t do much because Justin got off work later than usual, but we did make it to Target (we are both obsessed with target, especially their lounge clothes!) We went to dinner Saturday night for pizza, which was yummy but we still haven’t found a favorite pizza spot in the area. I LOVE pizza so I am always down to try out new places. Yesterday we went to a local state park near the house and did a western feels type of shoot, which I am so excited to share in this post!

As I mentioned, we went to Target this weekend and I came across a cuuuuute wide leg pair of denim overalls. They were on sale for $15 so I had to get them. Living in the desert has inspired me to play around with my wardrobe and buy new pieces that give off an Arizona vibe. I wore my bell-sleeve Zara top underneath (sorry I’m repeating this top so early but I love it!) I accessorized with a cute necklace that I found at Discount Fashion Warehouse in Columbus that gives me ALL the western feels as well as my blue and gold Ray Bans. Oh, I also brought along one of my fedora hats which is also from Target, shocker! This was a pretty quick shoot because Bruti was in the car (with the windows down) crying and scratching like a little baby. I swear he has become more needy since we moved here, which I am usually okay with. Yesterday he was being a little dramatic though, we weren’t even far from the car and he could see us in plain sight. Oh well, hes my little love bug and I love him always! Fur babies are simply the best, I would be lost without him, his whining and all. I hope you all enjoy this look and I  hope it inspires you to play around with your wardrobe! Let me know your thoughts in the comment section. Outfit details linked below.

Overalls: Target (unfortunately they aren’t on sale on the website, sorry ) linked HERE

Top: Zara, currently only avail in Khaki and Black online- linked HERE

Sunnies: Ray Bans (I am looking to sell these! I no longer wear them enough and they are gorgeous and deserve to be shown off! Let me know if your’e interested :)) Linked them HERE

Fedora Hat: Target, exact same linked HERE

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  1. 12.06.2016 / 11:43 am

    Thanks for the follow! I have that Zara top-wearing it to death.

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