Wide-Leg Gaucho Pants

Before I get into my new favorite wide-leg gaucho pants- I need to get real with ya.

I noticed myself feeling uninspired lately and just so MEH & I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels that way from time to time. With that being said.. THANK YOU Hannah for being open about your struggle with this same subject, you helped me to also share mine!

Blogging is my PASSION. I love sharing my interests and style with you all, this makes me happy! I want blogging to be my long-time career and I definitely want to be successful at it.. But I know this doesn’t happen overnight. I always want to LOVE what I do and never want that to fade. I work hard at Genuinely Jessica and do my best to be consistent with posting content. I TRY (I say try, because I would be lying if I acted like this happens every single day) to wake up everyday and sit at my desk +  ask myself what I want/need to accomplish.  Do these things always get accomplished? NO. But- I definitely try. I’m not perfect.  Working from home and treating blogging like a 9-5 can be tough sometimes, so many silly distractions.  Recently, I took 3 days off because I truly felt like I needed it. I didn’t post any content. I was having some crazy anxiety and couldn’t seem to get it under control.  Not solely over blogging, but I want to talk about that aspect. Sometimes it’s easy to compare yourself to others while scrolling through instagram and it’s also easy to feel discouraged. I personally know I have struggled with both of these things and it’s normal. It can happen, it’s just a phase. If you are ever feeling this way- take time off. It’s OK. I felt so much better and refreshed after doing so. Clear your head, maybe a change of scenery and let your creative juices flow. If you are needing some guidance and tips on how to overcome this feeling and how to stay inspired- read my friend Hannah’s blog post HERE. She shares some great advice that helped me personally!

My advice is: Keeping working at it. Surround yourself with those who support you. MAKE TIME TO CREATE CONTENT- taking pictures, editing etc. I feel most discouraged and shut down when I don’t have daily content to share and that’s my own fault for not coordinating with Justin’s schedule. This is my personal preference too- posting everyday isn’t necessary for everyone! Take time off when ya need it & ALWAYS do what makes you happy.

Whew.  Thanks for reading- I hope you stuck around because I do have a cuuuute outfit to show you! I found a pair of striped wide-leg gaucho pants about a week ago that are SO affordable and perfect for spring. They have built-in shorts underneath and are sheer from the shorts down. I paired with a cropped comfy top and tie up sandals. I accessorized with a lace choker to add some fun details and a faux-leather backpack. During this shoot Justin and I came across the prettiest spots, including vibrant flowers. OBSESSED.

I linked my full outfit below! Pants are only $15- SUCH A STEAL. I’m wearing a size M.




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