Effortless Street Style

Hi! What better day than Sunday to talk about effortless street style?! Before we get to that- I hope everyone is having a great weekend, wherever and whatever you may be doing! Justin and I kept it pretty low key this weekend. Friday night we cooked steaks, and watched a movie; yesterday we went out for happy hour & appetizers. After HH we ran to Total Wines (The best place to purchase wine, if you’re a wine lover) and grabbed some food before heading home. Today I am in comfy lounge wear, working on some fun stuff for the blog and hanging out with Bruti. Justin is at work, then going golfing with the boys! I love being at home, I’ve turned into such a home body. Anyone else this way?! Love listening to music, cooking, sippin’ wine & snuggling with my boys!

Now onto classic, effortless style. There are days when I stand in my closet and stare at my clothes for what feels like forever, and can never find something to wear. I know we all have those moments and man, do they suck. Tons of options but some days it’s, “I have nothing to wear, nope.” Usually on days like that, I oddly put together some of my best outfits because they are effortless! I had this moment this past week, right before I was meeting my girlfriend Hannah for lunch and ice cream. I put on a pair of jeans that I truly love, but was having trouble finding a top. After searching, I came across one of my plain white linen button ups that I haven’t put on in FOREVER because it needed steamed (THANK YOU Justin for my new steamer, so handy ;)) I also pulled out my almond colored RM purse and matched it with a pair of lace up flats. These are all things I haven’t wore in a little while -besides the jeans, so the outfit felt fresh & new. Hannah and I went to the cutest old-fashioned ice cream parlor called The Sugar Bowl. The inside and outside of this place is SO aesthetically pleasing and the food/desserts are so yummy! If you are ever in Old Town Scottsdale and looking for some places to see, check it out. Of course, we made sure to get some pictures inside with our milkshakes. Thank youuuu Hannah for letting me use yours as prop, since mine was melted all over the place. HA!

If you don’t own a white button down shirt, whether it be linen, or cotton etc. GET ONE 🙂 There are so many ways to work with a staple item like that and I truly believe every girl (and guy) should own one. I linked some below, as well as the rest of my look and a few other goodies. Tons of cute sunnies, lace up flats, few purses and jeans! Click the photos to SHOP the items. If you have any questions leave a comment and I will reply ASAP! Scroll to the VERY BOTTOM of the post for the linked items, there’s a few pages so be sure to click the arrows.

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