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Happy Saturday! Today it’s gloomy in Scottsdale and I’m in full chill mode.. SO, perfect day to bring you a new blog post about my Suki & Solaine top! Justin’s at work, Bruti’s bed is at my feet in my home office, I have a candle lit and tunes playing. Perfect Saturday right? I’d like to run to Target (for no apparent reason) but we live about 30 minutes from Target and I’m not feeling that ambitious at the moment, LOL!

Like I mentioned above, I want to share the top I was gifted from Suki & Solaine. If you haven’t heard of this Chicago-based brand, please check them out HERE. I am so drawn to Suki and Solaine because of their edgy, high-end, unique designs. Most of their clothing is neutral colored and I am obviously obsessed with that. The specific item I have is the double mesh turtleneck. I haven’t seen anything like this top and it’s one of those that looks perfect by itself or underneath a jacket. I paired with a faux fur jacket, faux leather leggings and my over the knee boots. I felt so sassy and sexy in this look because of the edge this top brings. It is see-through, so I wore a tube-top bralette underneath, but you could really wear anything. If you are wanting to be full on sex appeal, wear a lace black bra or bralette! I have a couple more ways I would like to style this top in the future and will definitely post those when that time comes. I would love to hear what you all think about this look. I know it’s a lot of black but that’s kinda my thing! Side note: I hate pointing out negative things, but I can’t help myself.. I like to keep things real. PLEASE excuse my grown out roots. I am finally getting those bad boys done on Thursday (THANK GOONDESS, Can’t wait!)

Suki & Solaine has an awesome instagram, click HERE to see their latest designs!

Sponsored. Thank you Suki & Solaine for gifting me this beautiful top! All other items are my own and not sponsored. 

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