Date Night Sparkle

Happy Sunday babes! Hope everyone had a great weekend! I have a date night inspired look to share with you, as well as a full face of gorgeous makeup, but first I want to ramble a bit and fill you in on my life as of lately!

This year I want to be more of an open book and keep you up to date on things going on in my life. Of course, nothing super personal because I enjoy my privacy, but I’m sure you are a little curious of my new AZ life, yes?! Justin, Bruti and I are still loving it here and I’m so happy we made the move. Arizona is gorgeous, despite the gloomy days we have been having lately. We are located in North Scottsdale, and when I say north… we are basically in the desert! We are surrounded by mountains and have the most stunning views. Sometimes It doesn’t even seem real out here, It’s so peaceful and dreamy. I enjoy sitting on the rooftop with a glass of wine and watching the sunsets (when it isn’t freezing outside!) I also started a part-time job that I really enjoy! I love my boss and my co-workers, and the support and inspiration they bring to my life. The only downfall is, I have a pretty long commute, but luckily the views make it bearable. Lately I have really enjoyed connecting with other local bloggers and creatives, everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I do have a few friends out here I already knew, one of them being a couple Justin and I now love to double date and spend time with. Our weekends usually consist of taking Bruti to the dog park, running errands, cooking or going out to dinner and just enjoying each others company. We keep it pretty simple but we told ourselves we would start exploring more even if that means driving an hour! Justin works weekends but we still have plenty of time to do things, which is great! We have noticed that going out to dinner here is a big thing and reservations are a MUST! There have been a few times we ended up at Chick-fil-a or In & Out Burger (which we love, so it’s fine ;)) because restaurants have been too packed. One big struggle we are currently facing is only having one vehicle. When we moved here, we packed up our personal belongings, clothes, shoes, Bruti etc. into one car because we knew the drive was SO long and I have been wanting to get a new car anyways. I actually can’t imagine if we would’ve been in two separate cars during that drive! Anyways, I have been pretty busy..and lazy..ugh.. and have yet to get myself a new car SO we have been sharing. It hasn’t been so bad, definitely tough but we have made it work. There are times when one of us can’t attend something or go do something because the other needed the vehicle BUT won’t be this way much longer. Other than that we are loving life and both have friends coming to visit so soon, so excited! Sorry that was a little all over the place, I wanted to fill you guys in and give you a little taste of my daily life. Let me know if you have any questions about our move!

Now onto the fun stuff! On Friday I had an appointment at The Sparkle Bar, which is a makeup + beauty studio located in Old Town Scottsdale. As you can probably tell from my photos, I normally don’t wear much makeup and this is mainly because I don’t know what I’m doing! While I love a fresh and natural face, it’s so fun to get pampered and glammed up every now and then! I went in knowing I had a hot date with Justin that evening and would be wearing a gray sweater. I told Jalia, the makeup artist, that I was loving the color blush pink lately and would love to incorporate it into my look. My time at The Sparkle Bar was amazing! Jalia was great, I loved her and felt she was genuine,personable, and very talented. She took me step by step during our session and learned a little bit about my skin before applying the makeup. As she would apply, she explained what she was using and how. Like I said, I’m no makeup pro so watching and learning about the application process was a treat for me. She gave me exactly what I asked for, to a T! Nothing too over the top, blush eyes shadow, a darling pink lip and radiant skin. I have never seen my eyes pop as much as I did after she did my makeup. I honestly felt like a BABE and was totally feelin’ myself! The great thing about The Sparkle Bar is, you can go in for any reason at all. There doesn’t have to be a special occasion, event or photo shoot, they want you to come in so they can pamper you and make you feel beautiful! I love that and if I lived closer I would be there ALWAYS! They use high quality makeup and never pressure you into buying anything, in fact- I don’t believe they sell makeup there. Need a little beauty 101, girls night, pamper yourself day? What about an on location makeup application? This is your spot. Visit their instagram HERE where they post client pictures and specials! My babe Jalia’s instagram page can be found HERE, I totally recommend her!

A list of the makeup used on my face can be found below:

Skindinavia Prep & Set Spray, Laura Mercier Foundation/Shadows/Blush/Bronzer/Setting Powders, Senna Brow Book, Lorac Lippie, Ingot Gel Liner, RCMA Colorless Powder.  (I have eyelash extensions, so no mascara was used)

Below is my date night look, we just went for dinner and drinks so I wanted to be comfortable but still a little sexy! I chose this off the shoulder sweater, my favorite black jeans and nude sandals pumps. I accessorized with light gold jewelry and my black RM purse. I put loose waves in my hair using my straightener, I have been wondering, if this something you guys would like to see a tutorial for?! Let me know! I linked my outfit details at the very bottom of the post (scroll down down down) and they are shop-ready. I didn’t link the exact sweater, but similar ones that are just as cute! Enjoy xo

The other thing sponsored in this post was my makeup application- Thank you to The Sparkle Bar for having me in and making me feel beautiful! I enjoyed the whole experience and will be back in soon!

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