Native Challenge: Regular Deodorant to Natural

Officially completed the Native 14 day challenge! Woot Woot! I wanted to fill you guys in, and let you know what you can expect when switching from regular deodorant, to natural deodorant.

First of all, I HIGHLY encourage you to make the switch! You’ll thank me later! – Just maybe not the first couple days… (sniff sniff). Native is an aluminum free, paraben + sulfate free, and a cruelty free deodorant. Our pits are one of the most sensitive parts of our body (the skin is thin, + home to lots of sweat glands and hair follicles), and it’s so important that we know what ingredients we are applying there + allowing to enter our bodies. Harmful ingredients can cause our pores to clog, which stops us from sweating. I’ve been trying to make a more conscious effort to be more picky about the products I use, and choose more clean options. Obviously, this is a complete lifestyle change, but I made one of my first steps by making the leap to Native Deodorant.

I love that Native Products were founded in California, and are all manufactured in the USA! This is rare nowadays. They also offer free shipping + returns. So awesome! Before I ramble on, let’s talk about the challenge!

It’s a 14 day challenge and flies right by! For me, it was a pretty smooth transition. I only had a few “stinky” days, where I had to sniff my own pits. I also recall wondering if I smelled in workout class! Don’t worry, this only lasts a few days, then it’s smooth sailing! The reason for this is, our armpits need time to detox. There’s a few ways to speed up this process, for anyone curious.

When I ordered off the Native website, I went with the Build Your Own 3 pack set. I actually got 2 of these. There’s SO many scents to choose from, but my favorites are: Coconut & Vanilla, Cucumber & Mint, and Charcoal. Honestly, they all smell AMAZING. It’s just about finding what’s right for your body!

Overall, I’m beyond happy I made the switch to Native! I carry my deodorant everywhere with me, you can never be too fresh! I also find one in whatever bag I’m carrying, I even have a mini one for my gym bag! I’m pretty much obsessed at this point!

I now want to nominate a few of my girls to do the challenge! I nominate: Jess Rains, Audrey Madstowe, and Leah Behr! Can’t wait to follow along with you girls!

If you decide to try out Native yourself, make sure to get 20% off with my discount code Jessica20. Valid on their website only!





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