Fav Photoshoot Spots – Scottsdale Edition

Hi babes! This post is wayyyy over due! I put a poll up on IG a little while back, asking what you all were interested in seeing on the blog. My fav photoshoot spots was highly requested, so I’m excited to share them! There in no particular order, but I am sharing the EXACT spots I go to frequently. If I missed any that you’ve seen on my IG page, let me know! Here we goooo, Enjoy πŸ˜‰


I love shooting at cute, local, coffee shops. A drink makes the perfect prop..because let’s be honest, us basic betches gotta be holdin’ a coffee! AMIRIGHT?! My girls & I usually start out with a work date, then take some photos while we’re there. Below are some of my personal favs-


There are SO many different photo opps at this location, for a photoshoot! It’s been one of my favs for a while now, and I swear I discover new spots every time I go! Highly suggest shooting on a weekday in the AM, stopping into The Living Room for a latte (they serve Common Ground Coffee & have a really good drink menu), then exploring! I try to get creative and use every corner, stairwell, etc. It’s really about having a vision!


I live literally 3 mins from this spot! It’s a single street with businesses, restaurants, entertainment, etc. The studio I workout at is also over there. Many good options, and it’s really easy to change in/out of outfits, since it’s not super busy.Β  Ps. There’s a parking garage that has a rooftop level- perfect for a sunrise or sunset photoshoot!Β  Just lookout for security, haha!


Endless possibilities! They’re outdoor shopping malls with restaurants, and there’s two sides (across street from each other). One side is Quarter, other is Kierland. Just note that they’re usually super busy, so I’d try to go early in the morning. That’s what I’ve always done, when I have multiple outfits to shoot. During the holidays they have a huge Christmas tree, and lots of decor to shoot by! Below are my fav spots from the Kierland side-


Yeahhh, I’m gonna take my horse to the old town road, I’m gonna ride ’til I can’t no moree! If you don’t know that song, bye. -_- Old Town area is pretty big, so I’m going to highlight my #1 go-to spot, which is Brown Ave. It’s a little street that has different color buildings, walls, textures, etc. There’s also a coffee shop called Regroup Coffee + Bicycles that I ALWAYS visit when I go over there. Their coffee is so yummy! πŸ™‚


I’ve always considered this spot to be my hidden gem secret! Shhh!

Justin & I discovered it when we first moved out to Arizona, and were living with my dad in suuuuper North Scottsdale (basically in the middle of the desert). My brother took us to the restaurant there, ‘The General Store’, and we fell in LOVE! We quickly became regulars, and anytime people come to visit us, we take them to eat! It’s a locals fav, and just such a pretty spot! Bruti’s groomer is also located inside there, hehe!

Other spots I love to shoot at:

  • The Scott Resort & Spa – this resort is freakin’ UNREAL! Like, I wanna move in. All the boho, tropical vibes. There’s a bar/restaurant inside called The Canal Club, so my babes & I usually order a few drinks, roam around, and snap pics while we sip! Most of the time we eat, too. Usually ends up being a few hour thing!
  • The Grove – New shopping center in McCormick Ranch. The architecture is so pretty, and it’s basically all white! My kinda place, HAHA!
  • Scottsdale Fashion Square –Β Yup, the mall! I’ve shot inside with my photographer, Larissa, and the photos turned out so well! I was super impressed! There’s also good spots outside, surrounding the mall.
  • Love to snap pics while out for HH, or lunch – whatever it may be! Pick an aesthetically pleasing spot, with nice lighting & go for it! I’ve found that food/drink pics are super relatable.

Well, there ya have it! All my fav photoshoot spots, around the valley! I hope this is helpful, and inspires you for your next shoot πŸ™‚ This definitely isn’t ALLΒ  the places I’ve taken pics at, but my top favs & most visited. I’ll add more to the list, as I keep exploring! Next spot: Downtown Phoenix! Stay tuned!

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Thanks for reading! Xo!



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