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Have you ever heard of the Tucson Gem Show?! I hadn’t either, but it’s a pretty BIG deal to jewelry lovers + creators! Thousands of people travel from worldwide to attend this fun-filled buying event.  A few weeks ago, Erin & I attended JCK Tucson 2020, which is it’s own jewelry trade show within the HUGE gem show! It was a really special experience, and we had such a great time!

Erin actually used to live in Tucson, so I was excited to road trip with her & get a little tour of her old stomping grounds. JCK Tucson 2020 was held at the beautiful JW Marriott Star Pass Resort & Spa, the perfect location for an intimate viewing/buying experience. The views from the balcony were absolutely stunning! Also, highly recommend staying there if you are traveling to a future event.

I have been to trade shows in the past, but nothing quite like this. The gem show is specifically for jewelry, all types of it. JCK is a more private, stress-free, 5 star experience where you can sip wine, mingle & witness remarkable talent. All of the pieces within JCK are already “made” whereas, the gem show may only have stones, chains, etc. which are used to create a jewelry piece.

Necklaces Shown Above By: Dorian & Rose

Erin and I spent a few hours walking around to each booth to check out the beautiful jewelry, but to also connect with the designers. This was a really memorable experience, as we were able to hear a little about the HOW + WHY that has gone into their brand.  I truly enjoyed hearing their stories! Two of my favorites:

Meditation Rings- I loved learning about these ring, because they really relate to my life! They are rings with spinning bands, and are meant to restore calmness & inner peace. They are GREAT for people with anxiety, high-stress, and for those who fidget. I honestly feel like they would be life changing!

Alexis Barbeau Designs: Erin and I spent a few extra minutes chatting with Alexis Barbeau and felt so touched by her story! Her designs stem from her love for the ocean. She’s been a scuba instructor for the past 13 years (WOW!) and all of her designs are based off things she’s seen/experienced. I truly FELT that while looking at her beautiful pieces, and listening to her speak. She’s an amazing woman!

Below are some of the other designs we had the privilege of viewing + trying on!

Photos provided by JCK Events

Rings above: Audrius Krulis

Statement cocktails rings: Pharaoun

We ended our experience at the Lafia Jewellry piercing party! Such a fun little treat before heading home! They are a Canadian based company, which I loved hearing (you can tell by the spelling of their brand too).  We got to talking about how I grew up in Canada, and that was fun to connect on! The ladies were so down to earth & friendly! Our piercing experience was nothing short of amazing. I’m pretty sure I got most of my other ear piercings done at Claire’s, so this was a much different experience (a great one!). The girls were so kind, and knowledgable. They used a needle to pierce, and it was painless. I got my third hold pierced on one ear, and Erin got her seconds on both! We both chose gold lightening bolts- I was shocked by the selection of piercing studs they offered!

Overall, we had an amazing first trip to JCK Tucson & hope to attend again in the future! If you’d like to attend, you can find more information + register HERE! 

Thanks for having us, JCK Tucson 202o!

This post is sponsored by JCK Tucson. Thank you for having us, and for the wonderful experience!

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